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I would absolutely love to hear from you, and please do ask any questions you may have where it concerns how to make large wind chimes.
I prefer emails over phone calls because honestly, out of the area-code phone calls still trip me out, so please if you choose to call me, please warn me first by texting me with the key-word “large wind chimes” to make sure I’m available to chat if you would wish to call me. 
OR, You can use the good old fashioned email method (actually, I prefer this) to contact me here at Extreme Wind Chimes.
If you have made it this far through my site of extra large metal wind chimes, then YES, I would absolutely love to hear from you. So, Hollar..!!! 

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My physical address is 

1104 Osceola ave. Clearwater Florida 33755 as shown on the map below.

Switch over to satellite view and zoom in & out to see how well our “gubnit spy cams” are doing at keeping an eye on you and me.




My phone number is 727-443-7197

I can see you from here at my desk cruising my site regarding large wind chimes, how to make wind chimes,wind chime parts, I can see you here on my screen live and in real-time and I really do appreciate you visiting and reading, I really do.. I do not know who you are personally but here is what I do know as provided to me by Google when you searched for large wind chimes, unique wind chimes and cool wind chimes. 

I can tell what page you are looking at, at the time. My most popular pages are my home page and how to make a large wind chime at home pages. Google also tells me what city you are in, or near, if you are a male or female (men like my site more than women, go figure that one out) I know your approximate age by ten year groups. Google also tells me how you found me and my large wind chimes web-site, organic or direct search, and if you are using a mobile device or desk top at home. Literally I am swimming in information here about how you cruise my large windchime website.
So, what I do know here is general information, basic stuff and nothing specific about you, your privacy is not at risk here by any means or in any way. 
I would like to have more emails of YOUR questions and comments, seriously! I see people crawling this page constantly.
If I can help you to know how to make large wind chimes at home, I want to do that.
I do want to help you. 
So, in closing, please email me if you have made it this far into my site and tell me what you think and PLEASE ask me any question you may have. This all makes sense to me but many of you are just starting out and I would like to save you some time and trouble in making large wind chime mistakes at home. 
Thank you for reading and I do look forward to hearing from YOU!    Mark at Extreme Wind
Please email me for more information on how to make wind chimes, wind chime parts, wind chime ideas, yard art ideas, wind chimes for sale, wind chime tubes and/or bells, and wind chime kits, and how to hang wind chimes tips and tricks. 
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