Where to Hang Large Wind Chimes

Where and how to hang large wind chimes


I really prefer to hang any giant or extra large wind chime from a large and mature tree. Most of my huge wind chime suspensions are on the outer branches well away from the base of the tree like in the video below. In the video below is my test location for prototype design and research.  

The reason I choose to use the outer branches is that, during a good storm the trees sway, a lot! The tree will sway left, right, up, down, there is so much tree action and the giant wind chimes seem to love the ride. Not to mention it looks really cool in action. The wind chime tubes you see in this still-shot of the video are suspended from the Oak tree in the background to the right of center, it is a very big tree.  

This is my testing branch for new designs of large wind chimes. These are unique wind chimes because they are so large with deep tones and low tones. This is the same tree that was in the background in the video above. How is that for wind chime ideas? I have wind chimes for sale and I really enjoy doing custom work for you. Visit me on my contact page and send me a email by all means please. I have the best yard art ideas. 

extra large and giant wind chime
I was pleasantly surprised to find out how small a branch I could use to suspend these giant wind chimes. Some of the branches I have used are not much larger than a man’s wrist being only a few inches in diameter. To prove this point some of my huge wind chimes have been hanging from these point for years now with no hint of stress or failure of any kind. I also go to a lot of trouble to make sure I am not hurting the tree in any way. The trees are a beautiful living breathing life force and I would feel terrible if I injured, bruised, or maimed the tree in any way. 
This is one of my wind chimes for sale using large wind chime tubes. These are some unique wind chimes and very cool wind chimes.
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