Wind Chime Parts

Wind Chime Parts 

Wind chime parts sound like they are magical and only good for one thing where in reality, they are all borrowed from other disciplines after their primary uses.

Rope and cord are pretty basic, pipe and tubing are ancient, and the Halo, Hammer, and Wind Sail were all invented for the sole purpose of making all of this work as a wind chime.

The actual hardware used for any wind chime reflects the basic economy of the area it was produced, be it nautical and sea faring, farming and rural, or urban industrial.

If you are seeking to match parts for a wind chime that you already have that you wish to repair or rebuild, you need to know the who the manufacturer is/was and, what model you have. I wish you all the luck in the world in your endeavor.

Below is a list of the most basic of wind chime parts from top to bottom.

  • Main Link – connects to the hang rope AND suspends the rest of the chime below
  • Down Links – connects the main-link to the Halo
  • Halo – provides spacing , suspension, and separation for the actual chimes
  •  Hammer Platter – the actual striking mechanism to actuate the chime
  • Wind Sail – Finds and catches the wind and drives the Hammer to strike the chime and is an awesome place for really nice art work. 
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