Large Wind Chime Sizes

What size large wind chime parts do you need?

What size wind chime is best for you?

I rate any large wind chime and their sizes of wind chime parts by two basic elements, one is by how large the pipes diameter in each particular chime set is, AND the other is by the longest pipe length in that particular chime set. I do large wind chimes by the foot, I do not do wind chimes by the inch. Add the Halo wind chime part at the top and the wind sail wind chime part at the bottom and that is your chimes size. Most people talk about wind chime size in inches when they discuss big wind chimes. I talk about sizes in feet when I talk about large wind chimes. The only wind chime by the inch reference you might find on this site would most likely be the large wind chimes pipe diameter. Everything else is described in feet. 

This extra large metal wind chime set in the image below is a two inch diameter set with five foot chimes. This set with two inch pipes that are five feet long wind chime just became an eleven foot tall wind chime from the top hanging hook to the bottom of the wind sail. Large wind chime parts indeed. 
When I build these extra large wind chimes I prefer to work with two inch diameter pipe and go up in size from there. The lengths of the pipes (wind chime tubes) that I use to make open ended chimes can be almost anything you would want. 
I prefer to hang these huge wind chimes from an old Oak tree that’s been around awhile or some other healthy tall tree. I also prefer the outer branches simply for the sway factor of light breezes and during good storms. All of my unique wind chimes are hung from a branch not much larger than a man’s wrist. I like to have these chimes up high enough from the ground so that when a big storm blows through and the trees sway as they will do during a good storm, I am not plowing a rut in the dirt with the chimes wind sail as Mother nature does her best. During a big storm the wind sail and chime hammer will blow out of the circle and try to go horizontal with the storm. It’s pretty cool to watch and I will be recording the next good storm for video. The large wind chimes themselves, the actual pipes, or wind chime tubes just kind of hang there like the storm is no big deal to them while the other wind chime parts, the wind sail and the wind chime hammer just want to leave town..  


The extra large wind chime in the image below measures well over ten feet in length just for the tubular bell alone, the actual wind chime tube. 120 inches of actual wind chime bell is not really fair to the other people who make what they call large wind chimes. Rating large wind chimes in feet rather than wind chimes by the inche is too extreme for most people. The halo wind chime part on this particular chime is one of the most beautiful I have done to date. The metal leaves hanging from the halo ring and tingle in the breeze. The wind sail at the bottom driving this whole thing is an example of what happens when you are in a hurry to build a chime and low on good supplies to make a wind sail. The wind sail is ugly I know, however it is my most sensative wind chime when it come to low wind, low breeze, situations. It rings out first and loud. This large wind chime is the first to sound off in any wind condition with it’s large and deep bell tone. 

Now that we have an idea about sizes of unique wind chimes for making wind chimes, large ones. Lets carry on with some more wind chime ideas and yard art ideas for making cool wind chimes.
Lets move on to my page on how to make wind chimes where I have a list of wind chime parts for making large wind chimes. 
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