Large Wind Chimes Biography

Why I make Large Wind Chimes

I started building extreme and large wind chimes somewhere in during the summer of 2008.

So many of you have asked how exactly did I get into the business of making large wind chimes at home and why do I build large wind chimes that I feel the need to elaborate.

Here is the short story…I’m not exactly proud of it, but here it is, the saga. This is how I learned how to make wind chimes, large wind chimes.



I am an electrician and, I have been licensed in the trade for a long time (20+ years) and my license is still current to this day (ha ha no pun intended). Google PCCLB and look up electrical journeyman # j-4735 that’s me!

In 2007 the economy was crashing big time, I could see it coming on for years, I was more than a little nervous but this was really serious. I found myself out of work and on top of that, somebody had moved my cheese and the usual methods of finding gainful employment were rapidly becoming outdated. It does not matter how good you WERE at what you DID, those two phrases are historical in reference defining what you used to do. When there is no demand for what you do, or used to do, you are shit-out-of-luck. So, another career change was unavoidable. Tough to swallow when you are in your late 40′s and regarded by some of your peers as thee best around.



After days, weeks, months of looking for work in my trade, my field, I was out of gas. I thought to myself, lets do something fun this afternoon, allow yourself to play. I had this pipe laying around and I thought, wtf, lets make some really large wind chimes. My girlfriend (at the time) a darling woman named Cyndi, had this massive, majestic, oak tree in her front yard. This old oak tree was so very beautiful, much like Cyndi. And so I thought (that statement alone scares so many people) lets adorn this beautiful tree with some very large wind chimes. Unique wind chimes by their size alone. And, although at the time I knew absolutely nothing about making wind chimes or how to make a wind chime, of any size, I began with my yard art ideas.

(this saga is unfinished, there is so much more to the story, bookmark this page for updates)

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