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This is my video page for large wind chime sounds. I love the sounds of large wind chimes and the chimes sound effect on every living thing. I know how to make large wind chimes and all of my chimes are home made wind chimes. I love the deep tone wind chimes and low tone wind chimes. 

I make Extreme Wind Chimes for a reason. I find that the chimes sound effect to be so soothing calming and relaxing. Feel free to copy any of my free audio sounds of wind chimes or free sound clips of wind chimes or sound loops of wind chimes that you wish. You may forward, share, or post my homemade large wind chimes videos anywhere. The chimes sound and chimes sound effect should be enjoyed by anyone who wish so I do not mind sharing my work with you or anyone else you may care. 
The sound of these extra large wind chimes and huge wind chimes is more than big sound, it is deep too. Low tone wind chimes and deep tone wind chimes are what I make. Big wind chime sound will ring out in a deep tone low frequency bell sound that goes all the way to your bones with little interruption or resistance of any kind. As far as these extra large wind chimes are concerned, we humans are just a big bag of water with a rack of bones inside.

We are converting energy here and making audible waves of energy and although you can’t see them, you can hear and feel the energy in waves depending on your proximity to the chimes. On a gentle wind day you can put your head in between any two of the bells and the resonance you feel between the two bells will clear your sinuses. I live in an urban area and they have been heard many blocks away on a windy day. The sound of an extra large wind chime or big wind chime on a stormy day is compelling to say the least. You should hear these dudes at night when something wicked this way blows through in the dark of the evening. Lightning and rain are an excellent addition for the sound and wind chime action.
All of my large wind chime sound videos are obviously not professionally shot or edited in anyway. These huge wind chime sound videos are raw and yet the sound is accurate even though the microphone in my camera picked up so many other noises and sounds. There are many things that go bump in the night when trying to make big wind chime videos as you will see and hear. They are not perfect big wind chime sound videos by any means. The videos are intended to give you some sort of sight and sound reference for the deep tones of an extra large metal wind chime. I was also trying to give you an idea of how big these chimes are in real life. That is why I call them extreme wind chimes.

Extra Large Sound of Extra Large Wind Chimes Video

The sound of this extra large wind chime video is a must see. If you have good speakers turn this one all the way up. The mono bell wind chime on the left is the chime heard off camera in some of the other big wind chime videos. It is a very deep tone wind chime as you will see and hear. 

This video I just added is a lot like the first video except now you get to see what the large wind chimes look like with out the Spanish moss growing all over the halo. These are indeed some large wind chimes, huge. 

This is my latest video of an extra large wind chime that I made out of aluminum. It was a rush job built quickly between 12/22/2011 and 12/24/2011 for someone’s Christmas present. Two days to design, build, and hang an extra large wind chime. This big wind chime is NOT FINISHED at the time we shot this video. We still have wind sail art work to be done, polishing, balancing, tuning to be done. This is a work in progress video of early stage big wind chime construction. Notice about half way through the video that I grab the camera and walk up to the chimes. That was a bad idea. Before I start ringing the chimes again you can hear the low frequency resonance wow and flutter of the pipes humming. It is a really low tone wind chime. 

The finished Chime


This next video is of an early morning storm and my view from my desk of the sound of the big wind chimes in action. These are some unique wind chimes for their size alone. This is how large wind chimes sound when I am making wind chimes. This also is an excellent example of how to hang wind chimes. 


This next video is my latest video although not my newest video of large wind chimes. I had lost it in my somewhere in my files here and recently discovered it buried somewhere it did not belong. It is an excellent example of how these large unique wind chimes can produce deep tones and low tones for you. I hope you enjoy my large wind chimes and the videos. Go to “YouTube” and search “Extreme Wind Chimes” for all of my videos. This will provide you with some yard art ideas for incorporating some really cool wind chimes. 

A view of my Large Wind Chimes and video from my candle table.
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