Neighbors Wind Chimes

Large Wind Chimes and Neighbors

I wish more people were concerned about HOW their neighbor is doing….

as opposed to worrying about WHAT their neighbor is doing….


This philosophy is a two way street

..First – How to be a good neighbor..

I am going to talk about two things here on this page,
One – How to be a good neighbor who owns wind chimes, and
Two – What to do if a neighbors chimes are offending you in some way….
First, How to be a good neighbor who owns wind chimes - 
Do not worry about the neighbors or what they may or may not be thinking about your large wind chimes. What you do on your property is none of their business unless your noise level offends them. It is basically the same thing as a loud music and open windows. Then YOU become the asshole neighbor and nobody wants to be the that, now do they. 

Odds are, they will absolutely love your large wind chimes with the low tones and deep tones that wind chimes of this size produce and emit. Perhaps they may be a little jealous of your giant yard art ideas and beautiful garden sounds.

I have had my large wind chimes up for many years now and ALL of my neighbors, every single one of them, love my large wind chimes. And the neighbors have their own bragging rights of this dude with the giant wind chimes down the street.

I have not had one complaint, ever! I have also spoken with my neighbors, all of them, and I have told them face to face, that if my large wind chimes EVER bother you in anyway, please tell me. I want to be a good neighbor with my wind chimes and trust me, good neighbors are worth more than money in the bank. 

In all honesty I do have a lot of foot traffic and bicycle traffic on my street and, I do get so many compliments and praise on my extra large wind chimes. Every time there is a storm neighbors and other people will stop by later to tell me how awesome they sounded while all hell was breaking loose when Mother Nature came blowing through on any particular day.

What they fail to realize is that I live with these extra large wind chimes day in, day out, and every night. These giant wind chimes are my early distant warning system of approaching storms. These extra large wind chimes are on duty 24 hours a day and as I type this right now I can hear them out side as they give me a weather report right through my walls and windows. Large wind chimes never sleep.

Be a good neighbor first, last, and always. 

I had one of my neighbors tell me that, he was going through a divorce. Nobody enjoys that on either side, I have been there and done that. He told me that as he lay in bed for many nights, my low tone wind chimes or deep tone wind chimes soothed him into a deep sleep. He said the low tones cancelled out the noise in his head for a moment and allowed him to sleep deeply. I was amazed and felt really complimented. And then I realized something.

Personally, I too hated the the high pitched, high tone, wind chimes. Before I started building these large wind chimes, I too found most wind chimes to be very annoying. So, I came to realize that it has a lot to do with the frequency or tone that the large wind chimes emit.

Check out and Google “resonant frequencies”… the universe resonates at about 3hz and we humans always strive to be about as close to that as we can be. So, given that, the low tones of large wind chimes seem to be more soothing and relaxing. So, thank you Jed for showing me the light on just exactly what large wind chimes can do, good or bad. 

giant aluminum wind chime
Large wind chimes are the best, most relaxing, and soothing sound ever.

Do you have a neighbor who has a large wind chime that is annoying to you? 


Large wind chimes that are interrupting your sleep? Here is something funny that might crack you up.. I build these big ass, large wind chimes, and sell them on a global scale but I need my own sleep too! So, here is what I do when I want to sleep. I disconnect the wind-sail, simple, done, instant silence!


Or you can simply cut the main-cord that they hang from with a pair of hedge-clippers and run like hell. This will result with a large crash and you will be needing a good alibi. ( read, I was at home sleeping at the time and I have no idea what you are talking about) …


The best way, is to talk to your neighbor, politely!! Most neighbors usually want to be good neighbors with you and if something they are doing pisses you of, they normally would wish to stop annoying you. True? I know I live that way and I am positive that they do too. So if something about your neighbor is bothering you, please tell them.  Be a good neighbor, this is a two way street. 

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