Large Wind Chimes as Yard Art

Extra Large and Giant Wind Chime Halos and Sails

Yard art ideas

Every yard, garden, and patio needs and should have at least one large wind chime as art.
Extreme Wind Chimes are deep tone wind chimes, low tone wind chimes, and bass wind chimes that are always a good idea for any type of yard art, patio decor, home and garden decoration. Large Wind Chimes look nice in the garden and they sound even better than they look when placed in any yard or patio as art. 

Should you be looking for unique wind chimes large metal art ideas to incorporate as an architectural feature, consider Extreme Wind Chimes as your solution for cool wind chimes. The serenity and calmness these low tone wind chimes emit is unsurpassed. Do you need a feng-shui element to round out and balance your property? The low tone and deep tone wind chimes will do exactly that as the will of the wind soothes and calms everything about you and your garden, yard, or patio. Large wind chimes are a good yard art idea and an excellent choice. This is landscape design at its finest and it is so much more fun than sculpture alone when it comes to using metal for yard art ideas. I think you are getting the idea now.. please read on.
This is where the real fun for you and some art time fun for your yard comes into play as we design and make extra large and extreme wind chimes. These unique outdoor metal wind chimes are very pretty to look at and even more beautiful to listen to with their deep tone and low tones that they emit. Large wind chimes of this size category also lend themselves to a variety of art work possibilities with the large wind sail at the bottom. Garden wind chimes are beautiful as well as a pleasure to hear. The feng shui properties alone make an incredible positive difference as art.

Extra large metal wind chimes need big Halos and big Wind Sails. I love this part of making extra large and extreme wind chimes.The art work ideas are unlimited when you also consider that there is a top and bottom to decorate. Decorations, decor, art, images, accents, fun… you have an imagination.. Let us fire that thing up and use it! Right here, right now. 
Descriptions first: Wind chime parts -
The Halo: this wind chime part is the hanging hardware and circular platform for suspending and thus separating the large wind chimes. The Halo provides the spread, placement, and orientation of the actual wind chime bells or wind chime tubes to be struck by the hammer with the kinetic power of the wind. 
Fun Wind Sail Art: This wind chime part is what actually catches the wind and propels the hammer upon the chime. This is your kinetic wind driver and also makes a nifty art platform and pallet should you be so inclined. Draw, paint, sketch, copy anything you wish for the wind sail. We can somehow put it on a extreme wind sail, yes we can. This is a large art surface just begging to designed by you for your yard art ideas. 
Easy stuff to learn so far and now comes the fun part. There are billions of designs you can apply to a twenty-four inch round area wind sail. Go to Google Images and type in any idea you might have for anything. That is only one starting point in Wind Sail design. I am sure you already have some ideas of your own right now and new ones will probably be brewing up all the time now that I have planted the seed. 

Extra large wind chime halo art work for an extreme mono bell wind chime
Ok, now we know a little bit about wind chime parts Halos and what they do. Allow me a minute here to expand on the topic of another wind chime parts, the wind sail art. Below is a photo image of one of my wind sails for an extra large wind chime. This particular chime mechanism has more than one function. One, it has to look good, Two, it has to find the wind and catch up with it, and Three, it has to be the driver for pulling the hammer into the chimes with a force and velocity needed to ring out the chime. When you want to know how to make wind chimes, this is one of the most important wind chime parts when you are making wind chimes.

Extra large wind chime “wind sail” – 24 inch
The wind sail ( I made that term up) needs to find the wind, and convert that kinetic energy of the wind into a harmonic energy. I have had many people ask if we can do shapes other than round and I always tell them yes. I also tell them about the need for predictable behavior as opposed to simply dangling there, spinning in the wind, and not doing a damn thing other than making me dizzy. That is why every yahoo on the planet calls them spinners, and rightly so. So, round is the preferred shape of this particular wind chime parts for the wind sail when seeking to obtain predictable actions in any given wind condition. All of this is really a nice display of the pendulum effect here in Earth’s gravity. When there is no wind, nothing could be more perfect than that force of nature where the large wind chime points to the center of the planet.
I have also noticed that besides the excellent properties of a round shape, that hanging it slightly off center aids the wind sail platform in spin reduction when you are making large wind chimes. I only want this wind sail to spin only enough to FIND the wind. It does this quite naturally and once the face of this thing finds what it is looking for in a wind situation, the wind sail will gladly and effortlessly pull the hammer into the chime allowing the final stage of this energy conversion display to be audible. Sometimes the sound radiates out to great distances according to the reports I hear from my neighbors many blocks away and down the road.  

Wind chime parts – large wind chime “wind sail” 24 inch
big wind chime wind sail with basic design
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