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This website is all about large oversize wind chimes. I make big wind chimes, large wind chimes, and giant wind chimes. Unique wind chimes for their size alone.

Large metal wind chimes for outdoor use. Seriously, my smallest wind chime measures ten-feet over-all and my wind chime sizes only go up from there. 

large wind chimes

Very blue… and very Big Wind Chimes

Extreme and giant wind chimes many have exclaimed.

Indeed, giant wind chimes for outdoor use in the yard and garden as yard art ideas and decoration.

Deep tone wind chimes. Low tone wind chimes can also be described as bass wind chimes. I make wind chimes of this size category and have been doing so since 2007 as metal art for the garden, lawn, and yard ornaments.

On this site, I will show you how to make large wind chimes, and explain to you the basics of wind chime parts. Large wind chime tubes are big, pretty, and sound even better than they look. My wind chimes are for sale online and custom work is encouraged. Deep tone wind chimes, low tone wind chimes, and bass wind chimes. Through out this entire web-site I will show you the basics of how to make wind chimes at home from various wind chime parts. Unique wind chimes, huge wind chimes, based solely on their size and sound. Simply big wind chimes. 

The low tone bass sound alone is so soothing not to mention they are awesome to look at in the yard. Wind chimes of many sizes and styles can be found in use as outdoor garden wind chimes, yard art and garden decor. Using wind chime tubes of this size and making wind chimes as yard and garden decorations.I know how to make large wind chimes and I have big wind chimes for sale online, plus I will show and explain to you how to build and how to make wind chimes for yourself. I gathered all of this information and had so much fun in doing this, I only want to share this with you.


Giant wind-chimes are simply the ultimate in big metal yard art ideas. They become an enormous architectural feature for some people or, in other situations and placements, a obvious landmark for any traveler simply because they are unique wind chimes. Big wind chimes are unsurpassed in natural tropical garden sound for big beautiful trees anywhere on the planet. The deep tone wind chimes low tones resonate, and a rich bell sound is an essential and soothing element for wind chime Feng-Shui in any garden or yard. 

Hello everyone! My name is Mark Ross, and I design and build Extreme Wind Chimes that I make out of aluminum, copper, and steel. Many of you may wonder: what exactly IS an Extreme Wind Chime? Extreme Wind Chimes is the art of making a big wind chime, large wind chime or giant metal wind chime and very big wind chime sound. I use various metals and other quality materials to create a very natural sound and unique look for any lawn, garden, or yard. I use mainly aluminum, copper, and steel (either stainless or galvanized) to make and build these massive yet aesthetically pleasing wind chimes. I know how to make large wind chimes and I will show you through out this entire website the basics of wind chime designs and explain to you how to make a wind chime. It’s easy, after reading my site, you will know how to make a large wind chime at home. 

large aluminum wind chimes

Wind chimes will enhance and bring out a beautiful, more relaxing, soothing, and serene auditory experience with their gentle low frequency tones and rich bell sounds as they compliment your back yard oasis. 
Extreme wind chimes are big wind chimes and they are perfect for any of your big beautiful trees or possibly as patio art, accent, and decor. This ancient concept is now a real possibility and is well within your reach now that you know that there is someone who will make wind chimes this size for you. Big wind chimes are simply the ultimate yard art ideas as ornamental metal yard art and sound for your lawn and garden.
big wind chimes
I have received many compliments on these wind chimes; people will quite often stop and take pictures. I am constantly hearing, “I love your chimes” from passers by, and the neighborhood kids (and adults) seem to really enjoy sneaking a ring on the chimes when they think that I’m not at home. Cool wind chimes and unique wind chimes to say the least.  I make and hang giant wind chimes in large mature trees, and I usually use the outer branches that are no larger than a few inches in diameter. I do this to get the extra sway factor for a wind chime that looks awesome during a good storm. 
If you read my web site carefully, I will show you one, how to make wind chimes and the basics of how to make a large wind chime, I will list out for you thee most basic wind chime parts for making wind chimes. Two, I will show and tell you how to hang wind chimes and where to hang wind chimes, and I will give you some ideas on for making wind chimes. This is how to make wind chimes at home and how to make wind chimes from pipe. This site is a good start regarding yard art ideas and diy wind chime plans. Let’s make some pretty wind chimes!
big wind chimes 
Large metal wind chimes are indeed unique. They are deep tone wind chimes, big wind chimes, huge wind chimes. In addition to being attractive to look at, they have to be this size so as to not look out of place in a substantially  sized tree. I’ve created several wind chimes and all of them are for sale, but I prefer to do custom work for you, the customer, when I make giant wind chimes! All of my wind chimes are for sale online!
I realize that not everyone has the same tastes in wind chime design as me. Everyone’s yard, landscaping, and decor are different, and my goal is to design an extreme wind chime that suits your particular tastes and decorating ideas when it comes to making giant wind chimes. If you are looking for unique wind chimes, unusual wind chimes and cool wind chimes, this is the web-site to find what you seek.
Most people would consider large wind chimes to be yard art whereas a regular sized wind chime might be considered more of a novelty.  Giant wind chimes are indeed extreme. Large wind chimes are huge, giant, over sized, immense, or any other synonym you can come up with to describe a wind chime much larger than normal. Extreme Wind Chimes are the ultimate in lawn art, garden art, or yard art ideas offering an extra large size, and big sound that will enhance big and beautiful trees everywhere. Now lets look at what Extreme Wind Chimes has to offer as we explore and explain some of the basic features for big, large, and giant, wind chimes.
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