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Large Wind Chime Feng Shui in your Yard

Instant Wind Chime Feng Shui
Nature is seldom silent. Wind moves vegetation so that leaves rustle, branches moan, and grasses swish. These sounds, along with the utterances of all animals, birds chirping, make up a mix of sounds that is hardly noticed, linking us subtly to other life. Thus comes the soft, sultry sounds of the Extreme Wind Chimes that connect us to the breezes and the music that nature makes.
Controlling sound brings benefits to us. The feeling of isolation experienced by many older people living alone can be mitigated by introducing soothing sound. Children also need sound. A silent home can feel unhappy, while a noisy home can cause tension. Finding a balance between the two is important. Using the sounds of the chimes initiates Relaxation, Concentration, and Emotion. The sound of these Extreme Wind Chimes, through personal experience gave me a focal point that brought relaxation and inner peace.
- Dragon Lady 2012

I am now (finally) learning the importance of large wind chime Feng Shui for yard art ideas. I have always noticed a sense of serenity that becomes me and a deep feeling of some inner calm when I listen to extra large and giant wind chimes. The deep tones from chimes of this size are so low, so deep, and resonating. Very gentle, it is an easy way to get in tune with what is going on around you in a larger way than what happens to be currently spinning around in your head at the moment. The bottom line is, they do and will help you to relax, they help you to connect to a part of the world that you may have been missing, and to disconnect from a part of the world that may be causing you any discomfort.  
Some wind chimes for sale in my yard and wind chime ideas.
extra large giant wind chime feng shui hanging in the morning sun
Another view of my wind chimes for sale and yard art ideas. Unique wind chimes.
I will be adding more information as it becomes apparent to me on the placement benefits of these extra large and giant wind chimes. There is an incredible feeling of having the look and the sound of giant wind chimes in your yard or garden twenty-four hours a day. Feng Shui is what it is called and the benefits of including this element into your yard or garden is beyond compare for any other art form aside from water fountains and a fire element of some sort.

Here is what I have noticed so far in my research to date of Feng Shui and Wind Chimes. 
Where you hang these extra large wind chimes on your property is not only important, it is critical. North, South, East, or West, all directions play a part in what you attract and in what you repel. You can attract good energy as well as attracting undesirable energy. You can also repel good energy as well as repelling the undesirable. Placement and locations of giant wind chimes in your yard can and will change your life. That, my friend, is only the beginning of wind chime Feng Shui. The important thing seems to be that you have wind chimes in your yard as an example of yard art ideas.
How many bells in an extra large wind chime is another factor of wind chime feng shui when I am making wind chimes. I can make a giant mono bell wind chime, or a trinity, or a quad, and so on, yet wind chime Feng Shui seems to demand a six bell wind chime as the ultimate and optimum number of chimes in a set. I am still in the process of verifying that. Feel free to correct me, please. 
I am also still doing research as to what metal is best for desirable Feng shui where it regards giant wind chimes. So far, steel keeps coming up time and again over copper and aluminum for making large wind chimes. 
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