Large Wind Chime Styles

What style of large wind chime would you wish?

The choices we have here in wind chime parts for making the extra large wind chimes and making huge wind chimes are one of two things, multiple chime sets or a mono chime, more than one bell or one single bell. That is as simple as I can describe it to you when we are talking large wind chimes. Everything else is size alone. Deep tone wind chimes and low tone wind chimes, unique wind chimes and cool wind chimes.

Extra large single bell metal wind chimes have a rich and deep tone to them and having thick side walls in the pipe helps with so many factors in the richness of the tone. Where it regards multiple bell large wind chimes I prefer to use only four bells in a wind chime set. Too many chimes beyond four in an large wind chime set and I begin to run into issues of chime on chime pipe contact that I would prefer to do with out. So I choose my wind chime parts carefully when I am making wind chimes.

There also is a time when the breeze is just right and the large wind chimes will play out upon a single grace note within a multiple chime set. The cool thing is, when the chimes play the out on that one note you will know the cardinal direction of the wind be it from the North South East and West. Just something I noticed about the wind features of the extreme wind chimes while I was inside the house one day. I love making wind chimes and I have wind chimes for sale. Tell me what you want and we will make a custom wind chime that you and your neighbors will adore. I have some very good wind chime ideas and I know how to make wind chimes, large wind chimes. These are awesome yard art ideas!



So if you are interested in knowing where to buy large wind chimes or how to build large wind chimes, you are on the right web-site. I will be happy to help you out with your wind chime parts, your wind chime tubes, and wind chime ideas. I know how to make wind chimes, large wind chimes and I have many yard art ideas for you. 
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